Gyanankur English School

GYAN-ANKUR = Seedlings of Knowledge Imagine a school, where love abounds, where there is warmth and caring discipline, where people speak freely without fear, make mistakes and learn from them. A school where children’s voices are heard, where children are nurtured to think for themselves, to ask questions, to learn not just from a book but from the real world around them. A school where children from underprivileged backgrounds, as well as some from more privileged backgrounds, all come together to learn, to look past social stereotypes and affirm the value of each unique and precious life. A place where a small seedling can grow into a big beautiful tree…
This is Gyanankur School.

seedlingGyanankur exists to provide excellent quality, holistic education to underprivileged children in India who would not otherwise have access to such education, promoting community development and helping children find their unique giftings and potential to contribute to the transformation of India.

Our mission for each school is three-fold:

new three-fold mission

  • Holistic Development through a joyful and loving environment that nurtures physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development
  • Academic Excellence through a relevant and student-centered curriculum that teaches students to think for themselves, and promotes interactive and life-long learning.
  • Community Development by empowering students and community members to become change agents in transforming their communities.

Gyanankur kids

Our vision of quality education:
  • An enriched curriculum that integrates the national curriculum, international educational perspectives and best practices from good models in India
  • A close-knit community of reflective teachers who are life-long learners
  • pedagogy oriented towards values of love and respect, excellence, collective responsibility, the dignity of labour and the belief that each life is precious
  • Developing each child’s understanding, creativity, critical thinking and life-long love of learning
  • Nurturing the unique potential of each child by encouraging talent in a variety of fields through a diverse curriculum and a range of extracurricular options and vocational training
  • Involving parents and the entire community in the education of their children
  • Linking education to social transformation, by nurturing students towards reflecting critically about the changes they want to see around them, and by empowering them to act towards achieving this vision; as well as by working towards community development to enable our students to develop well.